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Benefits Of Working Out In A Heated Pool

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

As the weather gets colder and there are less things to do in NJ the one thing you can count on is having a heated pool indoor pool at Fit Female.

Improves Blood Circulation

Exercising in general help with circulation add a heated pool your body will be feeling wonderful. The warm water helps your circulatory system expand.

Relieves Stress

The Fit Females family has raved about how relaxing it feels to take a dip into a heated pool during the cold months. Swimming during the winter can help combat depression and seasonal affective disorder also known as SAD.

Improve Breathing

If you experience breathing problems and want to over all lung capacity swimming in a heated pool can help. Generally swimming is a great way to improve lung capacity but during the winter months you will want a warm pool to help make it easier to get into the pool.

Low Impact Workouts

Water aerobics are great way to get to get a workout in if you are experiencing back pain, have arthritis, joint or muscle pain, and the list can keep going. The water causes a zero gravity environment making it easier on the body to move and the heat helps relax your joints and muscles.

Recovery after Therapy & Surgery

When your physical therapy ends you shouldn't stop working out. You should always be engaged in building on what you started. Our pool is heated at an ideal 87 degrees which will help easy into a recovery mode.

To find out more about our pool send us a message! We are also now offering private pool rentals for families.

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