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Happy International Women's Day

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy International Women's Day. This is a day where we celebrate the achievements of women. But not just today everyday we celebrate, we celebrate by being empathetic, compassionate, and understanding. These are qualities that we, as women, encompass and it's what makes us strong, resilient, and wise.

At Fit Female we strive to be a celebration of women's achievements. My time speaking with the members has shown me how amazing you all are. We have women who come to this gym that are police officers, executives, fire fighters, business owners to home makers.

The staff and I are constantly impressed by the women who walk in the door. We hear of stories that inspire us be the best versions of ourselves. This is a celebration of you, of your achievements, your love, and commitment to make this temporary world a little better everyday.

Although today is international women's day, we in essence don't care, because we celebrate you everyday. When you walk into our doors we embrace you as our sister, no matter your skin tone, religious preference, or shape.

I want you start with today to say to yourself that you are enough, that you have power, that you are worthy because you are a part of this sisterhood of women who will accept you the way you are.

The Fit Female team is honored to be serving a community of radiant women.

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