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Do's and Don'ts of Sauna Etiquette

How to have a great sauna experience?

Ladies let’s talk about how to get the best out of your sauna experience at Fit Female:

Do take a shower before entering the sauna:

After an intense workout your body releases the toxins, combined with the oils on your body, you should shower to close out the pores that opened after your intense cardio. If you are unable to take a shower you should take time to wipe and cool down prior to entering the sauna.

Don't take your phone into the sauna:

Although you may not realize this your phone can overheat, lose battery life, and could be a danger to others. Phones are not designed to be in high heat for very long. It is not recommended to bring your phone into the sauna.

Do drink water:

Before, during, and after, keep hydrated. The hot temperatures prevent sweat from evaporating which means you’re losing fluid by not cooling down. Your body’s going to continue sweating indefinitely. Without water, you’re going to end up dehydrated.

Do bring in a towel with you:

It is considered proper etiquette to bring in a towel to the sauna to sit on. The towel keeps the sauna sanitary and shows respect to the other members that use the sauna.

Come to the front desk and grab a fitness towel.

Don't wear a swimsuit:

Swimsuits trap heat and moister and could potentially take the dyes in the swimsuit which could run into your pores. Although it may seem like the natural choice it is the worst thing you could wear in the sauna.

Do shut the door:

Be courtesy to others when entering and leaving the sauna to remember to shut the door. Even a little crack in the door can leave the sauna cold. You don't want it to happen to you so don't do it to others.

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