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Why: Defined

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

At Fit Female we understand what it means to the community when you have a healthy woman. We firmly believe that when you have a healthy woman, you have healthy kids, healthy spouses, healthy households, which results in a healthy community.

Inspiring a healthy woman is the goal that we strive to achieve but not just physically. We are talking about healthy boundaries, healthy confidence, healthy relationships, healthy self care, and so much more! When there are healthy communities you have achieved your goal of a healthy self!

How are we striving to achieve this goal?

The world we are living in has so much imbalance & sometimes hard to figure out how to gain back the balance in our own lives. I want to start simple, I know how difficult it can be to do everything on top of having goals that we need to work on. So I decided to go easy on myself & I challenged those around me as well.

This year I am breaking down my goals into micro-based goals. The main goal is self care & acts of kindness. Every month I commit to having a goal that works around self care & kindness. But just know that everything comes with boundaries self care shouldn't be too extravagant and kindness doesn't compromise your personal care. For example, acts of charity that stop you from taking care of your mental health, your mental health should be a priority. I would even go as far as saying that it is charity to take care of yourself prior to taking care of others.

Micro Goals:

Micro goals are easier to achieve and are often more rewarding. Lets use the acts of kindness as an example: a micro-act of kindness can be as easy as a smile, helping someone who dropped their keys, helping someone by lending a listening ear, reminding people of gratitude instead of the constant negative, etc. The point of micro goals is that if you did more than great but you should do the minimum.

Another example of a micro goal is doing one push up after you go to the bathroom, again you can do more but the goal is to do the one push up after you use the bathroom, if you do more than great but if you don't feel like doing more than it's okay too!

Lets work towards having more understanding world by understanding ourselves first!

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